You’ve just walked in the front door after a long day and the sofa is calling for you to curl up and take a much-needed rest. Your best friend, however, is running circles around you, barking and wagging his tail furiously. Imagine the benefits of hiring a dog walker at times like this when your dog has been home alone all day and is ready to release some of that pent-up energy.

The couch looks so inviting. What do you do? Relax or take your buddy for a walk first?

How about hiring a professional dog walker so you don’t have to face that dilemma every day?

dog walker walking dog

No More Worrying While You’re Away From Home.

When you spend hours away from home each day – whether it’s for work or family – it can be common to worry about your dog’s happiness and wellbeing. Hiring a professional dog walker to come to your home to take your dog for a walk, give them the opportunity to go potty and exercise, and give them lots of love and attention can give you peace of mind throughout your day. 

Depending on how long you are away you can hire a dog walker for multiple walks or visits each day. Along with easing your mind and a dog walker will drain your furry friend’s energy so when you return home you’ll be greeted by a happy and relaxed dog.

Dog walker - happy dog

Break Up Your Dog’s Day.

You’ve probably relished a day alone occasionally. You don’t talk to anyone. You do nothing but watch television, read, or just sleep the day away. Everyone needs and deserves those days to unwind and recharge. 

But, imagine if you had no choice but to do that for hours on end every day. You would probably go a bit stir crazy, right? That’s exactly how your dog feels every day. A professional dog walker will break up that day, allowing your dog to get the much-needed opportunity to expend excess energy and to enjoy just being a dog.

Help Your Dog Stay In Shape.

If you spend a considerable time lounging around the house all day, you’re bound to gain a few pounds. Well, the same goes for our animal companions. That extra weight could ultimately lead to health problems. And health problems equal high veterinary costs or, much worse, the potential of a shorter lifespan for your best friend. 

Having a professional dog walker come by for an additional walk – or multiple additional walks – each day will help your dog stay in shape. Both you and your dog will be happy with the extra exercise.

Dog walker, dog sniffing food on coffee table

Avoid Behavioral Problems in Your Dog.

Dogs may develop behavioral problems, such as aggression and loss of bathroom habits, if they don’t get enough attention and stimulation each day. If your dog has become angry, growling and snapping, or has begun tearing up furniture or other belongings, consider whether your dog is getting enough exercise. Your dog may be trying to tell you that they need more stimulation with these types of behaviors.

A professional dog walker does more than provide a walk. The sitter will give your dog attention, affection, and will take your fur baby outside, where your dog can go potty, exercise, socialize, and explore the neighborhood. By schedule one or more visits each day you can prevent negative behaviors from developing in your furry friend.

For more information on the dog walking services we offer at Sweet Dreams Pet Services, check out this link to our dog walking page. We hope to keep both you and your dogs happy!